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Meet The Soul Korean Comedian:


Eric Shun

Comedian/Actor/United States Militariest


The Soul Korean


The "Soul" Korean is a misguided individual that has been in entertainment since 2007.  From a Korean orphanage he was born Jun Myung Soo, and immediately Adopted by Bob and Donna and (Bought) to the U.S.A in which he quickly under-performed Academically.  He had to join the U.S Military out of High School in which he successfully served and RETIRED after 20 years and has been on a couple of movie sets and plenty of Comedy Clubs nationwide chasing the sounds of Laughter and free Food.  He was hand-picked by Comedian/Actress CoCoa Brown, MichaelBlackson and Mope Williams & Big J.J from Wild N' Out to open for them at Comedy Clubs all over the Country.  He currently lives in TN but travels wherever life takes him with the purpose of maintaining a living telling jokes on screens and stages everywhere.



The Soul Korean
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